Jet-Net – English

The way in which education and industry cooperate within Jet-Net got first noticed as a good practice in Europe in 2008. Former president of the European Commission, Barosso, named Jet-Net ‘a powerful example in Europe’. Since then the organisation has been involved in several European projects, such as InGenious (2011-2014) and Scientix 2 (2014-2016). Through the Dutch STEM platform, Platform Talent voor Technologie, Jet-Net is involved in the EU STEM Coalition.

EU Stem Coalition

The EU STEM Coalition a Europe-wide network of national STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) platforms. STEM platforms are organisations (usually) established by governments to increase the number of STEM graduates and reduce skills mismatch. Key characteristics of the platform approach are the close cooperation between the ’triple helix’ of government, education and industry, and strongly regionalised implementation. In the long term, the EU STEM Coalition aims to bridge the skills gap by having a national STEM strategy in place in all EU member states.

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